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Career Coaching

Executive Coaching

Career Coaching

Through our customized programs tailored to the needs of each company and executive, we offer different options to support them in their career transition processes.



new tools to help develop the client´s networking.


with the professional throughout the self-knowledge process.


the executive´s job interview communication skills.


with the professionals by acknowledging their strengths and orienting them to improve their performance throughout their career development.


our visions to expand the universe of career possibilities.


leaders on new tools and resources to simplify their career transition process.



  • Development of new skills in the areas of communications, networking and job market knowledge.
  • Personal branding.
  • Higher market visibility.
  • Corporate coach support.
  • Self-knowledge forums.
  • Investing free time in personal growth.


  • Create culture.
  • Impact on employer brand.
  • Promote corporate citizenship.
  • Work with the executive through all career cycles.
  • Deliver an Executive´s progress and results report.

Executive Coaching

We propose a coaching session program, working together with company leaders to face the different challenges of an increasingly demanding corporate environment


Working with the executive team through the acquisition and management of organizational results

Collaborating by sharing a different view on the issues that concern the executive within the organizational context.

Developing the communication skills that contribute to the achievement of an effective articulation between work teams.

Applying ontological concepts to address the different challenges faced by each leader.